What kind of things have you used Raspberry Pi for (if you have used it)?


a few years back i went to a security conference and made a neat thing out of my (old) pi. 

i bought a very long, nonstandard ethernet cable that kind of looks like this without the retractor thing in the middle:


i cut off both of the rj45 jacks and soldered two of the unused conductors to conduits that attached to the special GPIO pins on the pi’s header that are directly hardwired to the 5V/ground rails. on the other end, i crossed the TX/RX conductors to make it a crossover cable. i plugged the other end of this cable into my laptop running a backtrack VM (this was before kali) and set it up to ssh into the pi and hold the the two power conductors mentioned earlier at 5V/ground (i found out about the IEEE-defined power-over-ethernet spec after doing this, much to my chagrin).  this was an old pi, i forgot if it had native 802.11 wi-fi but if it didn’t then i stuck the generic pi wireless adapter on it.

i took the cable and fitted it into a fishing rod’s reel, and attached that to a fishing rod. i put the pi in a hamster ball for protection & to give it ballasting mass.

what i had then was a fishing rod that i could cast (pretty far!) into places one couldn’t otherwise reach, and then fuck with any wireless networks that it picked up. it was pretty cool, i still have it lying around somewhere.