How many insufferable white dudes do you encounter per day that think they are gods gift to engineering because they built their own computer "from scratch" with cash to burn on 300 dollar motherboards

as an insufferable white dude myself i can tell you the process of becoming a narcissist due to simple successes in computer building (pictured here) knows no bounds, racial or otherwise

i hate the “mountain dew & doritos anime fedora neckbeard socially-incapable terrified of women” image with such a ferocity because people like that tend to shape the image others might perceive me with because most people tend to put “computer nerds” all i the same category, whether you’re a piece of shit idiot gamer or genius that reverse engineers wifi devices

having a fancy computer means you have money and a newegg account. it says absolutely nothing about your ability, even slightly, with computers. i am quite seriously not making much of an exaggeration when i say that building a computer is about as complicated as the square-peg : square-hole toys for children designed to teach spatial reasoning