How do you feel about Intel? Is it sufficient?

intel is sufficiently soaking up a crazy, truly incomprehensible amount of wealth from the world as they are the only serious designer & manufacturer of CPUs as well as a million other things

i am not some crazy illuminati person, with that being said, i have issues about how intel uses their bottomless bank accounts & limitless power to kill palestinians

now that is out of the way i can move on to a real discussion:

intel makes chipsets that, quite literally, are the most complicated and precarious things mankind has made since occupying this earth. landing on the moon was pretty incredible. the sistine chapel is beautiful and brings tears to my eyes. but those things don’t have shit on the cheapest $60 library-computer-quality CPU intel makes

the transistors that are printed on the surface of silicon dies on intel CPUs will soon (within a few years) be ten nanometers apart. this allows them to put somewhere south of two billion transistors on a single chip you can hold on your hand

every single one of these transistors needs to function correctly. every single one must be manufactured perfectly & remain working otherwise your computer ceases being a computer & you’re lucky if your fans even turn on. one transistor is all it takes

transistors ten nanometers apart, wow, what the fuck even is a nanometer? i could tell you a nanometer is one billionth of a meter but your greasy ape eyes and my greasy ape eyes can’t really comprehend distances smaller than a millimeter, so that number doesn’t tell you much

it might be a little more poignant if i told you that 10 nanometers is still ten thousand times smaller than the most delicate and atomic neuron cells in our fucking brains, which is like the difference between 1 mm and a 30 foot flagpole

this is all great, and amazing and stuff but there’s a problem and that is that intel makes such great CPUs that uh

nobody else can really compete

there are quite literally 2 other companies that can almost kind of be construed as competitors (extremely well if you’re an intel lawyer ehehehe) and they are AMD and ARM

both of these companies do not manufacture chips. they simply design them & sell expensive licenses to companies that eventually do manufacture them. all you need to design CPUs are hundreds of extremely talented engineers, physicists, PhDs and shit which you can fit into a medium-sized building

so you have two high school sized buildings occupied by two high school sized companies competing against a company that has

* fabrication plants in taiwan or whatever that occupy as much land as 3 university campuses and need three university campuses’ worth of employees to run, and contain equipment and infrastructure that is worth as much as, i dunno, can you even put a price tag on the current pinnacle of human engineering?

* hundreds of offices everywhere, all over the globe

there is just no competition with intel. they have a weak spot though, and that is the fact that they are totally in it for the money and what that means to a hardware company is promising the companies you sell to that your shit will work for a long time

“a long time” means code running on a 486 piece of shit machine made well before i was even born will still run just fine on my modern 64 bit x86 machine. this doesn’t happen because of clever engineering. it happens because my seemingly incredible, modern CPU operating at over three trillion cycles per second might be severely hamstringed by the need to maintain compatibility and could possible be running much faster 

this is getting long & i have work to do BUT i have a lot more to say

keep asking me questions about intel