Do you think there are too many people in the CS major?

it’s hard to say. right now, economically speaking, there is (and has been) a huge number of CS jobs that need filling, much more than there are unemployed CS people. this number is increasing at a greater rate than universities had been graduating them out, at least until recently.

this will eventually result in a huge surplus of CS graduates, although of lesser magnitude than today’s lack.

the problem is that CS graduates aren’t like coal miners and the ones from one school might be incredibly proficient in one marketable field of CS and completely lacking in another or vice versa. there’s also a huge disparity between the skill of the people graduating; it is truly amazing how many really dumb people manage to get degrees and those people are pretty much only reliably capable of writing test cases. there’s nothing wrong with that of course, it’s what happens when you suddenly start trying to increase the number of people in a field when the number of people going into college doesn’t really change much