i'm a budding computer eng. student and I have a basic grip on C thanks to class, but I have absolutely no clue where to go to read up and learn more advanced topics or even things like playing w/ kernels etc. like you do. if you have any ideas I'd greatly appreciate it.

https://kremlin.cc/k&r.pdf - this is your bible. it was written by The Creators. practice what this book preaches with religious ferocity & the conviction of a zealot. also realize that bibles tend to be out of date

https://kremlin.cc/fish.pdf - read the fish book. just read the fish book next because it’s 2015 & you’ll look like an asshole doing manual pointer arithmetic like the last book describes

https://kremlin.cc/rob.pdf - at this point you will sort-of-kinda-almost know how to punch the keys to make bodies of texts that the compiler sometimes will understand. this doesn’t make you a programmer. you have the tools, but this book will teach you how to use those tools to create the creation of adam instead of using them to masturbate & assault random passerbys