I do appreciate the end of your last post, because python has by gradual consensus become the de facto coding language for astrophysicists. These are some of the most mathematically, and indeed algorithmically, capable people in the world, and it comes off as so phoney when some computer purist claims that their language is useless. They have no idea what physicists are doing or what type of program is good for it, just as the physicists don't care about the insides. Anyhow, you're a good egg.


the kind of people who say things like that are as numerous as they are amateur. “does your creation serve a net benefit” is the only question that ever mattered

i am a bad egg

i have to admit that i used to be one of those people. i can tell you the “you are not using your computer 1337-ly enough” argument is born out of egotism and elitism. the people saying that are themselves struggling to reach the summit of programmer mountain and revel in programmer valhalla

the problem is that programmer vallhalla doesn’t exist because programmer mountain never ends. this game only lasts for as long as you play it:

1. “you should stop playing video games and try writing some python or javascript so one day you won’t be NEET”

2. “oh, you’re running windows? haha, video game time is over, be a real man & install linux”

3. ”haha nice stock ubuntu nerd, why don’t you stop catering to amazon shills & install arch or gentoo kek lel”

4. ”what the fuck is that gnome? why don’t you install i3 and run your system via the terminal you pleb”

5. “lmao little baby is still tappin out tiny python programs in the IDE; get gud write C in vim. write your own makefiles with every conceivable warning flag as well as -Werror”

6. “i can see things other than monospaced text on your monitor. why haven’t you installed BSD yet? aren’t you trying to do this properly? don’t you want to be the best?”

7. “this code is nice, but it could run faster as a threaded module running in a realtime kernel. there’s no reason your code shouldn’t be held to the same standards aircraft autopilot systems are.”

8. “let the god damn fruity CS people worry about the front-end interface, just do all your shit on a microcontroller. you don’t need an operating system or any new-age garbage like that”

9. “oh so now you need a big fancy computer to solve your problems? you’re gonna write software to get this job done? how precious. try writing VHDL/verilog to model a hardware solution to your problem and then spend months in cadence architecting, synthesizing, testing and verifying an ASIC designed to be printed onto a silicon die. this solves your problem 10,000 times faster with only 1/100th the manufacturing cost. you can solve the problem with a chip that costs fourteen cents.

authors note: the design costs preceding the manufacturing costs include: the many, many hours spent writing HDL code at a professional level, the cadence software suit that costs a million dollars a pop, the similarly expensive test software you’ll need to get your design off paper and into a document you can hand off to a man in shenzhen who speaks no english but owns a foundry capable of manufacturing your chip/board/whatever, and finally the cost of doing a manufacturing run which usually mandates you paying for hundreds of thousands if not millions of units being made at a time, at minimum

10. “i think you are limiting yourself with a traditional silicon/CMOS design, have you heard about gallium aresenide circuits? what about quantum computers? optical computers? analog differential analyzer?”

11. “you need an illuminati joe rogan bildberberg rothschild 9/11 monsanto bush did 9/11 chemtrails obam-” etc

i’m between 8 & 9