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when you purchase an internet subscription from some ISP (comcast, verizon, whatever) you get (1) IP address. this is so when your computer requests information like it does when you point your browser to tumblr.com the tumblr servers have some place to send your data to

your IP looks something like this:

there a tons, and i mean a truly unbelievable amount of other computers connected to the internet that constantly scan random IPs on the internet. usually, your router only allows you to make outgoing connections and blocks/ignores any incoming ones, so if your IP was scanned it would look the same as an IP of a machine that was offline

when you disable this firewall option on your router, like the person did in the post you provided, your IP suddenly starts responding to these scans & identifies itself as an online machine that could possibly be interacted with

the scanning computers then try a myriad of different things to break in to your computer. they’re known as “vuln scanners” and run software (probably metasploit) that tries known exploits against your machine in an attempt to pwn it