how u feel about OOP

OOP is bullshit. programming is incredibly difficult work which is unfortunate because tons of it needs to be done around the clock for us to keep up with the technological trajectory of our age

the demand for it outweighs the capabilities of smart programmers, so they dumb it down and make shit like java that is object-oriented and used in the most industrial and commercial settings, miles of source code written by swathes of idiot programmers to solve problems like servers that process debit card charges & subtract or add money to people’s bank accounts. real shit like that

all of this happens in java or god help us c++ because the shea-

this is starting to sound nuts so let’s move on to the technical issues:

* OOP languages completely throw any idea you might have otherwise had about how memory will look when your program is running out the window. it just makes things unnecessarily complicated on the runtime-end, at the supposed benefit of simplifying the writing process

you literally cannot write simple code as everything is predicated on objects and inheritance and shit like that, which is the wrong approach to 90% of problems anyway

complexity is absolutely the worst enemy of code you write, worse than any hacker. it slows your code way down because it has to run in a fancy runtime that can interpret classes and members and junk before it can actually run the code that does anything worthwhile

complexity makes your code difficult to ingest and maintain, the worst is when you have a hugely overcomplicated software project like openssl become standard, meaning big companies with big $$$ need to see it maintained otherwise planes fall out of the sky and your toaster explodes maliciously. a bunch of crap code needs to be maintained by many different idiots which is like using herbs and crystals and shit to coax a gangrenous arm into being useful for just a few more days and not falling off altogether