here's a question: how do you feel about python in general

python is good for exactly two things:

(1) teaching absolute novice individuals the first steps of programming. the interpreter holds your hand with a death grip and tells you exactly what you did wrong & how to fix it in as delicate and understandable terms as possible. “you forgot to put a semicolon at the end of this line of code” or “you tried to store a value that could possibly be bigger than the capacity of the variable you’re trying to store it in”. python very clearly tells you what you probably did wrong and can make this heuristic assumption to great success because it assumes python programmers are little babies

compare that with gcc:

kremlin.c:69:5: error: matching constraint references invalid operand number

what the fuck does that mean? it takes a fucking college degree to deal with this shit consistently. this leads me to my next point:

(2) as a programming tool available to people of different disciplines (biologists, mechanical/civil/environmental engineers/accountants/astronauts/whatever) that can be picked up and used effectively on any machine with the guarantee that it will work the same on other machines

a biologist, for example, will run into many problems which necessitate repetitive analysis of large data sets. these sorts of problems are best suited for computers. the biologist is not a computer engineer or a computer scientist and must be kept ignorant of the atrocities & existential nightmares going on under the hood of his computer. these demons work together to lull the biologist into a false sense of security via a very easy, forgiving, universal programming environment: python & the pvm

you cannot hold a biologist up to the same standards you do a computer engineer or computer scientist. just as the underlying operational paradigms of a computer are total moon runes to a biologist, whatever the biologist is doing with data sets is total alien hieroglyphics to the computer programmer. in return for ceding the virtues of efficient & fast performance, bit-level system control, & compiled objects/executables, the biologist is afforded a language that is easy to write in and runnable on any computer with a solid guarantee it will work the same as it did originally